Get a New Angle with Echogear Monitor Mounts

PC gamers spend a lot of time at their desks, facing their PCs. If people have a lot of time and money, they might attempt a living room setup with a desktop connected to their normal TV. But what do you do if you prefer to stay at a desk, but want to have monitors at different or better angles for yourself? Maybe you even prefer to use two monitors. When you want that kind of customization, the Echogear Gaming Monitor Mounts. The five options available let you perfectly arrange monitors at your desk or gaming setup, so you can have the proper angles and adjustments that make you feel most comfortable.

An Echogear Single Monitor Desk Mount is the more basic model that pretty much any PC gamer could go ahead and use every day for work and play. This is a steel mount with premium gas spring that arrives in only two parts, so very little assembly and installation is required. You can raise it up to 13.25”, and it can extend out to 20”. Once your 10” to 30”, up to 20lb monitor is placed into it, you can have it tilted 15º forward or backward. After three steps, you are done and able to have it adjusted to your liking. You could even have a monitor horizontal or vertical! You can use a light touch to get the angle just right, to make things comfortable and clear. Plus, if you are in a room with natural light, you can move it throughout the day to avoid glare.

The Echogear Dual Monitor Desk Mount is basically an opportunity to double your space and double the number of screens being held up. Again, it is easy to set up and durable, since the mount is made of steel, has a dual monitor gas spring, mounts onto your desk, can reach 13.25” height and can extend out 20”. Just with this option, you can have two screens next to each other, either in horizontal or vertical positions. Each one can be up to 20lbs and be between 10” and 30”. Both can also be tilted 15º forward or back. You just have room for a second one, in case you are so dedicated that you have two screens in front of you when you work or play.

What is really handy about both Echogear Gaming Monitor Mounts is how much more organized and clean your setup could be. Think about everything you need when you really get into playing PC games. You probably have a good gaming keyboard on hand, a mouse, a headset for communicating with other players online or streaming, and probably some speakers or a soundbar. That is in addition to the tower and monitors you need. The Echogear Gaming Monitor Mounts give you extra space on your desk, because it is lifting the monitor up off of it. You could store extra peripherals underneath. It also helps get some cords out of the way, because there is a management system built into it. Not to mention those adjustment elements mentioned earlier would allow you to gently push it back or out of the way when you aren’t using it.


Also, consider how an Echogear Gaming Monitor Mount could impact your life when you aren’t gaming. When you have a more standard monitor or wall mount, it is stationary and perhaps in one position. Different activities require different positions. If you decide to watch some streaming service, you may want to adjust the angle so more people in the room could watch or you could sit in a more comfortable chair and enjoy without being trapped at a desk. If you are using a PC to play music and what’s on screen doesn’t matter, you can push it back into a resting position.

Echogear Gaming Monitor Mounts are the sort of thing that you might not even know you could want or need. It seems like something you see in one of those Pinterest or social media posts online about “Things That Make Your Life Easier” and realize it could work for you. Especially since they are practical for playing games, doing your regular work, or watching shows or movies. Each one is affordable too. The Echogear site has the Single Monitor Desk Mount for $99.99, while the Dual Monitor Desk Mount is $149.99. It is a practical addition to an office or gaming room that people may want to consider.

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 10/16/2018

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