Is Fallout Falling Out of Favor?
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A lot of games have garnered a lot of buzz lately. But, certain sorts are getting more love than others. Post-apocalyptic worlds that are full of things to do, huge, and largely well-executed are very much in. Which is great for us. But, it might spell a bit of trouble for Bethesda. A company people might say had cornered the market on the post-apocalyptic adventure market is… well… facing some stiff competition. Quite a few worthy games have stepped up to the plate to try and do a bit (or all) of what Fallout does, and they might even be handling some elements better.

The big one is The Outer Worlds. This 2019 game made its debut in the latter half of 2019 and, well, it ended up drawing some major comparisons despite it involving space travel, planets, and space stations. This is because its developer, Obsidian Entertainment, was the one that made Fallout: New Vegas. You create your own character, choose how you react to different situations, guide the course of the story, recruit allies, and decide how your avatar grows as a person It’s a huge game, one that’s been very well-received and lauded for doing what made Fallout: New Vegas so great. Which is great, because the official Fallout games after New Vegas haven’t done that.

For people who like the more gritty elements of Fallout games, Metro Exodus essentially rocked everyone’s world in early 2019. While it is best that you go ahead and continue from Metro: Last Light, someone could go ahead and hop right in to see what life is like in a FPS where things are dire and horrifying. We deal with issues like nuclear winter, how terrifying other people can be, illnesses inflicted by the current situation, and naturally mutants. It has the sort of spirit of Fallout games, but with storytelling some might find more compelling and thoughtful.

But what about the goofier side of Fallout games? The runs where you want to be silly, look for funny quests, and not take a dystopia so seriously? Well, someone could always look to Borderlands 3, I suppose. It has the dystopian setting. The world is rather large and open. You certainly have an array of enemies to face. While it can be serious, it is more of a funny game and could provide some levity. Also, it’s still growing, so it could end up becoming something amazing.


This is especially true when you consider what’s been happening with the last two Fallout games. Fallout 4 was fine enough, but some would say it wouldn’t compare as favorably to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, what with their choices and options. It also didn’t have as substantial DLC, with Far Harbor and Nuka-World being its biggest and “best” options, Automatron being smaller, and Contraptions Workshop and Wasteland Workshop focusing on customization. Fallout 76, instead of giving people a traditional experience, kicked things off with something that felt buggy and incomplete. Plus, its NPCs were delayed into 2020.

While Fallout will definitely always have a place in gaming history and the hearts of fans, all of this means that Bethesda has a bit more competition. Other developers are stepping up and doing cool things with their games, which is starting to make them feel like they’re actual competition for a company that was formerly renowned for its 100-200 hour games. Which, in the end, only benefits us. It means we have a better chance of having more great games to enjoy!

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 10/29/2019

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