See “True Colors” with the SpyderX Elite

People who spend their life in front of a computer might start to realize that sometimes, their device isn’t as perfect as it may seem. Maybe you even have multiple setups, like a desktop and a laptop, and realize from working with them that they aren’t providing you with identical, accurate results. It can be a real shame, especially when you only realize that when pictures you have edited, art you’ve drawn, or videos you’ve made don’t look as crisp and professional on others, when projected, or when printed out. That’s when something as simple as a monitor calibrator like the Datacolor SpyderX Elite could come in and save the day.

The Datacolor Spyder devices are designed to help make your display look as perfect as possible. The goal is to attack the device to your PC, hang it in front of your monitor, and use it to assess the situation. Of course, this means a little effort on your part. Fortunately, it’s easy enough. Once it is hanging in front and you use the one-click calibration and assistant with its software, you can have it use its color engine technology to make things better. You can quickly make things right or set a color profile, making your editing and viewing experience precise. You can even see a before and after comparison, to check the Datacolor SpyderX Elite’s work.

Since the Datacolor SpyderX Elite is the optimal version of the calibrator, it includes different features to make sure the final product looks great. It has advanced mapping and analysis tools to look at your delay, so you can see the real quality of pictures and videos. It has wizard and single click capability, so you can get a real good result from little effort, or you can turn to an expert control panel to tweak everything. You can set studio standards and make sure any videos look exact too. Plus, compared to the Pro model and its 12 setting options, it has unlimited calibration choices. There is even monitor performance analysis, so it is showing you everything you need to know about how your monitors work. 

It also is ready to handle multiple displays. For example, you could use it to calibrate a digital projector. If you are going to be going to an event and showing something off, you’ll look more professional and ensure everything in the audience sees what they are supposed to. If you have multiple monitors, you can calibrate all of them. You get a target that each device shares, so you know everything is on the same level. If you use softproof, you can even see how things would look on other screens. You could choose to simulate tablet screens, printers, and paper and ink, then see how that exact image looks on it and adjust accordingly. There’s no guesswork.

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The Datacolor SpyderX Elite even keeps track of the world around it and isn’t just using its lens-based technology to watch the screen. It is sensing what the environment is like too. The ambient sensor keeps up with the room around you and has five settings. It will either change profiles automatically or let you know to do it, making sure you always see things exactly how they should look while you are working.

Accurate displays aren’t just about making sure everything we’re doing on our computers look great and “right.” It’s more professional than that. Livelihoods can be impacted and reputations take hits if the quality of work isn’t exact. A $269.99 Datacolor SpyderX Elite could be a useful tool for artists and professionals.

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 11/08/2019

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