Put Baby Yoda in Our Stocking This Year!
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Disney Plus is here and, if nothing else, it has given us a new icon. We have a new precious thing we would do anything to protect. It is baby Yoda. Which isn’t to say that The Mandalorian’s new character is actually a baby version of the Yoda we have known for years. Rather, it is a baby from his same species. Also, it is probably the cutest mascot to be introduced in 2019. You remember Porgs? Baby Yoda makes them look like trash. But, there’s more to this new character than that.

First, it’s important to look at how baby Yoda appears. When The Mandalorian begins, our bounty hunter antihero heads to Arvala-7 to take a 50-year-old person and bring it to a client who is connected to the Empire. However, when the Mandalorian reaches the target, it turns out to be a baby Yoda. (The whole 50-year-old thing is because Yoda’s species lives for such a long time.) He then saves the child’s life and becomes tied to the “young” character.

The Mandalorian is a gritty series. There’s a whole spaghetti western element here, and we know the “hero” probably isn’t on the up-and-up. But, introducing baby Yoda offers viewers a point of entry. It allows us to see a side to a character who might otherwise seem gruff enough to come off as one dimensional. There’s access here, turning it from something dark into a story that could end up being similar to Lone Wolf and Cub or True Grit. Baby Yoda has the potential to add heart.

It also pulls people into The Mandalorian that might not be interested. Yes, major Star Wars fans would be all over it. But what about more casual ones who haven’t subscribed to Disney Plus yet? Well, seeing an image of baby Yoda online and hearing people constantly talk about the character could certainly get attention! People would want to tune in and learn more.


More importantly, there are the opportunities baby Yoda provides. We know so little about actual Yoda’s background. We don’t even know the name of his species. It’s not like there are tons of them roaming around the galaxy. Baby Yoda shows there are more. Baby Yoda also shows that, even at an early age, they’re capable of using the Force. But, the events of The Mandalorian also show that, for some reason, characters from Yoda’s species are in very high demand.

This baby Yoda is both good and important. It offers us an adorable character to connect with. It helps soften The Mandalorian, a person who gets involved in dangerous and questionable missions. Most importantly, it could do worlds for the Star Wars lore. We know so little about Yoda, his background, and his species, even though he’s been such a major part of the story. By introducing another character from his same race, especially a child, we’ll learn all sorts of new things. It’s wonderful.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 11/27/2019

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