Do Gamers Need Accessory Addiction Anonymous?

Hello. My name is Keri, and I have an Accessory Addiction.

I’m not sure when it all started. I’m not a very girly girl, so I’ve never been really into fashion or makeup, but I do like to accessorize. I love purses, shoes, and earrings. I have way too much of all three. But to balance that, I haven’t bought new clothes in probably a couple of years.

But that’s just my girly girl side. We’re not going to get into my Funko Pop! collection, my video games, and books, which counterbalance anything my sad wardrobe makes up for in the budget.

I’m getting off topic here, apologies for rambling. Because I do love some girly girl accessories, I guess that feeds into my gaming life, which in turn has led me here with my Accessory Addiction™.

You see, I have a problem in not getting new shiny toys for my shiny toys. I bought a carrying case for my GameCube, and I never took the thing anywhere. I bought at least three or four cases for my Nintendo DS and I have two for my Nintendo 3DS. I somehow walked away with only one case for my Vita, but I’m fairly certain that’s because the only options I had were colors. Nobody really did care about the Vita in the end, did they?

I’m sidetracking again.

My addiction isn’t limited to carrying cases either. I, uh, really like controllers, too. The first extra controller I ever bought was a blue PS2 controller. I was so ecstatic Sony was finally releasing new colors in the US, I had to get one in my favorite color. Had to. But it didn’t stop there. I bought a blue one for the PS3 as well. And then there was the awesome Gears of War controller for the Xbox 360. Little did I know this was only the beginning.

As soon as humanly possible, I bought a blue controller for the PS4. Then the Xbox One came out with the Halo 5: Guardians-themed controllers. I wanted both Master Chief’s and Locke’s, but I settled with only Locke’s because once again, it’s blue. But then, Microsoft released a really badass Gears of War 4 controller. I had to get that one too. I’ve somehow avoided jumping into Microsoft’s Design-Your-Own controller option.


If only that was the end of it. Sony recently released new metallic colors for PS4 controllers, and of course I had to get the Titanium Blue. I might have also gotten the Rose Gold color as well. Might. I’m confirming nothing.

I haven’t even gotten to the Switch yet, which is my latest problem. I now have three—count ‘em—three Switch carrying cases, and two of them are The Legend of Zelda-themed. The third I recently picked up when I was buying my kids Switch cases of their own, and there was an Eevee case I had to have. It’s so adorable, how could I not grab it? This isn’t counting the Zelda-themed Joy-Con controller I picked up or the Zelda-themed pro controller. If I didn’t have a Zelda-themed skin on my Switch, I know I’d be tempted by the different Joy-Con colors.

I’ve finally decided to come to this AAA meeting, because I’m running out of storage space, and my kids are asking why they can’t have three Switch cases too. Thank you all for listening.

Keri Honea
Keri Honea

Contributing Writer
Date: 02/05/2020

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