Why We’re Ready for a Sonic Movie Sequel!
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The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is here! Even better, the film has arrived and doesn’t suck. It did really well, played with nostalgia, and is honestly quite cute. Which means, well, people are already talking about a sequel. Could it happen? Lots of signs are pointing to yes. 

Okay, before we get into all of the spoiler-y reasons why a Sonic movie sequel is in the cards, let’s go over two that aren’t. One is money. Even with all of the controversy surrounding this movie and “Gangsta’s Paradise” being used as part of the marketing, it did huge numbers. It made $57 million during its opening weekend in February 2020. Moreover, it ended up besting Detective Pikachu, the previous record holder. That Pokemon film ended up making $54.3 million during its opening weekend. So while it was close, Sonic spin-dashed ahead.

The other non-spoiler reason why a sequel wouldn’t be too out of place is because of the nature of video game movie sequels in general. There have been plenty of situations where the first movie gets a big theater debut, then follow-ups go direct to video. It happened with DOOM movies. Even if the Sonic movie doesn’t get a big-screen follow-up, it could get some at home or streaming adaptations that follow up.

Warning: Sonic movie spoilers below!

Okay! Next, let’s talk about the reasons in-movie why a sequel could be on the way. The stinger is the most obvious one. After Sonic has saved the day and Dr. Robotnik is trapped on a mushroom planet, Tails shows up! Sonic’s best buddy is back. Which is fantastic, because it shows building on the lore and could even be a nod to Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as Tails showed up in the sequel. You don’t bring up a major part of the series at the end of the movie for no reason. While it is a fun shout out, that’s the kind of thing leading somewhere.

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It also provides an explanation for an escape. Tails’ appearance shows Robotnik isn’t completely gone. If Tails can get to Earth presumably with the power of technology, which he’s using to track Sonic, Robotnik could too. We know he’s a genius. His stinger segments show he’s trying to come up with a way to get there and is still thriving despite the change in circumstance. Tails could be bringing news of a new threat, Robotnik could be escaping, and Sonic could be needed in a new, more familiar place.

So yeah. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is definitely setting itself up for a second entry. It was a huge success. A sequel wouldn’t have to be in theaters. Plus, every bit of the ending is preparing for another installment. You don’t just show classic Robotnik, Tails, and hint at a possible escape without giving people that. Plus, since the movie was surprisingly good, people would want this to happen!

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 02/25/2020

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